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50Coach is 30 live virtual classes taught only by those who received a raw 50 in their respective subjects.

Every week you gather to interact in a powerful environment learning environment with our “50Coaches” who will delicately take you through the 50Tips that separated them from the competition.

Weekly classes, quizzes and 24/7 support to take you to the top. 

At 50Coach we believe that constant revision with your VCE studies will help you gain the edge on your competition. By spending time with our 50Coaches you not only gain direct educational value but also an insight into how top performers organise and execute their studies so you can do the same.

Ultimately our vision is “educational osmosis” – the flow of knowledge and expertise from the top students of previous years to the eager cohort of future years. Join 50Coach to be a part of this movement.

Slide 1 30 live
Weekly zoom masterclasses designed to take you to the very top with a mix of content and unique invaluable "50Tips"
Slide 2 Our LMS means that you can rewatch recordings of classes at any time - and access unique subject specific resources. Revise on
the go.
Slide 3 Do
Over the year, our 50Coaches will put together revision quizzes to test your knowledge.
The 50Coach Model


Whether you are struggling with your studies or looking for a 40+

50Coach is perfect for you

For years, what we call “insights from the top” have been guarded by the market only willing to provide expert tuition to students whom have the capacity to spend upwards of $100 an hour.

We aim to provide you with some of the best tutoring for the lowest price – just $20 an hour


Slide "50coach is seriously amazing - a nice and affordable tuition with seriously talented tutors who understand what you are going through! They are well educated with the VCE system and have all the tips and tricks.. seriously am grateful for them!" Esh Methods student Slide "I have been attending 50 Coach for English and Further Maths and have gotten a lot of support with my studies. The teachers are super friendly and helpful in making you achieve the best possible mark. Andrew is my teacher for Further Maths and is significant at teaching short-cuts and assisting with any problems. His lectures are really helpful when you learn a variety of useful things that aren’t taught at school."
Laksh Further student
Slide "50Coach English tutoring sessions have provided me with excellent tips and tricks regarding simple language to complete essays, and everything in between. The strategies that are taught are very helpful and are boosting my grades up! Tutor is very engaging and explains everything beyond well. This service is definitely recommended for VCE students as they will benefit significantly!" Rija English student Slide "One of my best tutoring experiences: straight to the point, insightful and well-priced."
David English student
Slide "What you would expect from a 50 study score tutor. They know their stuff." Bodhi Chemistry student
Student testomonials

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More about our courses:

English VCE English
Unit 3/4
Taught by a raw 50 performer Learn more
Chemistry VCE Chem
Unit 3/4
Taught by a raw 50 performer Learn more
Methods VCE Methods
Unit 3/4
Taught by a raw 50 performer Learn more
Physics VCE Physics
Unit 3/4
Taught by a raw 50 performer Learn more
Spesh VCE Specialist
Unit 3/4
Taught by a raw 50 performer Learn more
Further VCE Further
Unit 3/4
Taught by a raw 50 performer Learn more
Biology VCE Biology
Unit 3/4
Taught by a raw 50 performer Learn more

In 2022 there will be Unit 1/2 and Unit 3/4 courses for our subjects!


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