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Affordable, personal and professional classes.

50Coach provides group tutoring sessions taught solely by those who got 50s in their respective subjects for just $20 an hour.


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30 one hour classes. Just $20 an hour

Paid in a termly payment plan.

Raw 50 lecturers

Our world-class tutors are at the top of the honour roll for VCE. Having just completed schooling themselves, their expertise is unparalleled.

Effective time use

Over the equivalent of 30 one hour blocks over the year, our tutors will take you through both a high level overview of the course and the skills required to ace it.

Personalised education

Our live format means that we provide virtual support for any questions during lectures. Our tutors are also on hand to help with email support at other times.


A focus on skills

Most lectures try to reteach you the content you learn in schools. At 50Coach, we employ a novel skills based approach laced with examples to ensure you are best prepared.



From Quizlets, to word lists, to example writing pieces, our tutors are well-equipped with all the resources they used during their time in Year 12. It’s time to pass on that knowledge!



High level tutors tend to charge $60 an hour or more for their services. Here at 50Coach, our lectures work out to $600 for the whole year for an arguably superior service.

Flexible payment options for all our subjects.

We understand the financial commitments that tutoring can take which is why our payments are both affordable and spread across the year.

Termly or Semesterly?

Our payment plans make the price of tuition not only affordable but easy to access for all families.

Access single lectures.

Want to pay per lecture? We offer pay as you go modules for just $30 per session. All part of our mission to make tutoring affordable.

Join with friends

Do you have a group who would like to join 50Coach? Enrol and type their names into the referral box for $100 off each.

Our vision at 50Coach

Our sessions aim to place you among the top scorers in the VCE honour roll by the end of the year through personalised care and resource rich learning.

Have a question at any time? Message our lecturers through our LMS

Want to ask questions during a lecture? Live Q and A function.

Already being taught content in schools? A unique focus on skills.

Worried about teaching ability? Our lecturers aren’t only aces at learning – they teach well too.

Why trust our team?

Not just a lecturer – a mentor and a friend.


Understanding and relatable

In the end, the battle of VCE is a mental one. Our tutors have just completed their own VCE journey so can both empathise and understand any difficulties you have within your year beyond that of a teacher.

More trusted

Market research shows that Year 12s overwhelmingly prefer the advice of a 50 student over that of a VCE teacher – it’s no wonder given our lecturers have gone through the whole ordeal themselves.

Unparalleled excellence.

Our lecturers’ battles in Year 12 may be over, but the memories and skills garnered from their excellent performances live on. These are the unique skills that only 50 students can pass on to you.

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Schools can teach you how to rote learn. We can teach you how to perform.



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