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50Coach provides live group tutoring taught only by those who got raw 50s in their respective subjects for just $20 an hour.

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30 weekly classes. Just $20 an hour

100% of students think 50Coach got them better scores.

Raw 50 tutors

Our world-class tutors are at the top of the honour roll for VCE. It’s time to learn from the very best!

Effective time use

30 weekly classes across the year are all we need to take you from unsure to unrestrained confidence in Year 12.

Personalised education

This isn’t recorded videos. This is a live masterclass series designed to take you to the top through interactive learning.


A focus on skills

At 50Coach, we don’t just teach the content – we employ a novel skills based approach to ensure you are best prepared.


Advanced LMS

Our LMS is built to allow for easy access to recorded classes, tutor resources and review quizzes across the year.



50Coach’s vision is to bring educational access across Victoria. It’s why our tutoring costs just $20 an hour for raw 50 mentorship.

Our subjects

English VCE English
Unit 3/4
Taught by a raw 50 performer Learn more
Chemistry VCE Chem
Unit 3/4
Taught by a raw 50 performer Learn more
Methods VCE Methods
Unit 3/4
Taught by a raw 50 performer Learn more
Physics VCE Physics
Unit 3/4
Taught by a raw 50 performer Learn more
Spesh VCE Specialist
Unit 3/4
Taught by a raw 50 performer Learn more
Further VCE Further
Unit 3/4
Taught by a raw 50 performer Learn more
Biology VCE Biology
Unit 3/4
Taught by a raw 50 performer Learn more
Eng Lang VCE Eng Lang
Unit 3/4
Taught by a raw 50 performer Learn more
Unit 3/4
Taught by a raw 50 performer Learn more
Bus Man VCE Bus Man
Unit 3/4
Taught by a raw 50 performer Learn more
Psych VCE Psychology Units 3/4 Taught by a raw 50 performer Learn more Legal Studies VCE Legal Studies Units 3/4 Taught by a raw 50 performer Learn more

Slide 1 VCE's most
A package built to help you ace Year 11 and 12 obstacles.
Slide 2 The 50Coach LMS includes notes, quizzes, recordings and other high powered resources. Revise on
the go.
Slide 3 Do
Over the year, our 50Coaches will put together revision quizzes to test your knowledge.
Your VCE just got supercharged Our package isn’t just tutoring – it’s a commitment to helping you overcome Year 11 and 12 obstacles.

Why trust our team?

Not just a tutor – a mentor and a friend.


Understanding and relatable

In the end, the battle of VCE is a mental one. Our tutors have just completed their own VCE journey so can both empathise and understand any difficulties you have within your year.

Unparalleled excellence.

Our lecturers’ battles in VCE may be over, but the memories and skills garnered from their excellent performances live on. These are the unique skills that only 50 students can pass on to you.


Some questions we often get asked about 50Coach

Put simply, 50Coach runs 30 live virtual classes throughout the year taught by a student who achieved a raw 50 (the highest possible score) on not only the content taught in schools but the skills beyond this that allow high achievers to perform at their best.

Whilst other tutoring companies and individuals can charge anywhere from $60 to $80 for the mentorship of a raw 50 student, we offer a similar experience for just $20 an hour. You get access to unparalleled excellence at a fraction of the cost.

The team at 50Coach understands that everyone learns in different ways. Hence, we offer a trial lesson. Submit the application form at the bottom of this page to initiate the process that allows you to sit through one of our classes for free.

We don’t just hire any tutors. Our tutors are equipped with a raw 50 that places them in the highest band (top 0.3%) of the state – the best of the best. Many have 99.95’s, and most have gone on to study at top medical schools across Australia.

Yet our tutors are renowned not only for their academics but their actual teaching ability – part of a selection criteria 50Coach takes very carefully.

Each of our tutors cares deeply for their students and has demonstrated leadership capacity which means that they have shown they can pass on knowledge to their students. This is done through a rigorous “trial class” procedure wherein we test the ability of tutors to teach in front of students before allowing them to become a part of the 50Coach team.

50Coach hand selects students who have graduated super recently (think 2020), since they have just completed the VCE and can not only have the knowledge fresh in their mind, but completely empathise with the unique student struggles that plague your final year of schooling.

50Coach stands out as a premium tutoring service for several reasons.

  1. Our tutors are the highest possible scorers. Why would you get tutoring from an individual who themselves couldn’t achieve at the top and potentially limit your own score?
  2. Pricing – put simply, you will not find another tutor who scored a raw 50 and is offering their tuition for just $20 an hour.
  3. Convenience – Login once a week to our class and go straight back to individualised studies without having to commute to and from a venue every week.

At 50Coach, we ensure that our program is kept affordable by charging termly or semesterly payments (up to your preference) instead of the whole upfront fee. Enquire about discounts should you choose to pay upfront however!

To contact us, you can do one of the following:

  1. Fill out the contact form at this site.
  2. Fill out the application form.
  3. Email hello@50coach.com.au

2022: With the exception of English and Methods (which is a 1/2 and 3/4 course), all our courses are for students undergoing the 3/4 subject (whether in Year 11 or Year 12). 

2023: We intend for most of our courses to have 1/2 and 3/4 Unit streams in 2023. (useful whether in Year 11 or Year 12). 

Of course! At any time, ask your tutor via unmuting, or putting something in the chat. They are always happy to divert to solve your unique issues.

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The 50Coach English program is the best tutoring package available. If you want to learn how to optimise your VCE results, look no further. Supportive & instructive. Thank you so much.

Gabrielle Folliard

50coach is seriously amazing – a nice and affordable tuition with seriously talented tutors who understand what you are going through! They are well educated with the VCE system and have all the tips and tricks.. seriously am grateful for them! 

Methods student

Great tutoring service, they offer concrete strategies that can be employed in my writing rather than abstract advice you often get from teachers.

Liang Heng
English student

An awesome personalised experience with clear explanation of all the key knowledge, a great experience to widen knowledge for subjects, highly recommend.

Brody Hocking
Chemistry student

The strategies that are taught are very helpful and are boosting my grades! Tutor is very engaging and explains everything beyond well. This service is definitely recommended for VCE students as they will benefit significantly!

Rija Wasif
English student

Andrew is my teacher for Further Maths and is very good at teaching short-cuts and assisting with any problems. His lectures are really helpful when you learn a variety of useful things that aren’t taught at school.

Laksh Sachdeva
Further student

Loved it! So unbelievably helpful for revision. I wish I had found them earlier in the year. 

Keerthana SL
Chemistry student

Great – the Biology teacher is very hardworking and amazing!!!!

Shabbir Raza
Biology student
What you would expect from a 50 study score tutor. They know their stuff.
Bodhi Hemsley-Oades
Chemistry student

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