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50Coach is here to coach you in the skills it takes to beat the pack. Through our 30-video LIVE masterclass sessions across the year. We’re going to place you in a group of like-minded ambitious students hoping to score big. Ethan will take you through what it takes to appear a master of VCE Methods, even if you’re not a natural talent.

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50 in Methods

Hi I’m Ethan and I graduated in 2019 with an ATAR of 99.85 and achieved a 50 in Maths Methods the year before as well as a raw 49 in Specialist Maths.

Doing Maths Methods a year early and competing against the brightest minds in the state at first seemed like it would be a daunting task. However, by the end of year, I hadn’t done an excessively large amount of past papers aor did I need tutoring like many of my competitors – I didn’t need to because I knew I could take advantage of the skills I had developed throughout the year.

When examiners try to make their curveballs that only a small percentage of the state end up answering correctly, they are not allowed to test content beyond the scope of the course. This means the way they are forced to make their hard questions, to separate the 45s from the 50s, is to make strange questions that do not appear in the textbook, that aren’t taught by your teacher.

For me, working smarter, rather than harder, was the key to success in Methods. Therefore, as a coach at 50Coach, I hope to pass on these secrets onto you, so that you too can achieve a score that is beyond your expectations

In this course, you will learn Maths in a smarter and more efficient way and be practicing with questions that are much more relevant for SACs and the end of year exam.

30 Lectures of Pure Gold

Our topics are carefully curated to maximise your buildup of skill.

Lesson 1: What is a function?

Maths Methods isn’t about memorization or rote learning – it’s about understanding the process that the assessors want you to undergo in solving a problem.

In the past, it was more about the number of practice exams you do but with students in tears after last year’s exam it’s clear the guidelines have changed. Our lecture pushes skills based learning instead of content crunching such that you are better prepared to tackle this year’s exam.

The most common mistakes made by students– and how you can avoid them

Finding the maximal domain, and consequently the range, of a function ensures that you can properly graph a function.

Lecture 2: Algebra of Functions

A wise mentor once told me that “there are four ways of solving every question and graphing it is the quickest one”.  Functions can be visualised by the method of graphing such that questions appear to be much easier then they would originally seem – in this lecture you’ll learn how to utilise this to your full potential

Whether for validating a composite function, or for creating a one-to-one function, choosing the correct coordinates for restricting the domain is a crucial first step in solving complex problems involving function manipulation

Sketching graphs – simple and complex – require critical thinking

And 28 other lectures to guide you through the year…

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