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50Coach is here to coach you in the skills it takes to beat the pack. Through our 30-video LIVE masterclass sessions across the year. We’re going to place you in a group of like-minded ambitious students hoping to score big. Your coach, will take you through what it takes to appear a master of VCE Biology, even if you’re not a natural talent.

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50 in Biology

Hey,  I graduated Year 12 in 2019. Whilst many people dread this final year of school, I actually found it to be one of the most enjoyable, albeit challenging, years I have experienced. Through hard work and careful planning, I managed to achieve an ATAR of 99.95, graduating as co-Dux of Scotch College, with a 50 in Biology. 

Whilst many people believe that biology is a stereotypical “rote-learning” subject that requires copious hours of study, this is actually not entirely the case! I obtained my perfect score whilst learning two instruments, editing the school editorial and competing at a state level for debating. So, evidently, time is not wholly intrinsically linked to success in biology. Instead, as the old adage goes, one must study smart, not hard.

And this is where this lecture series is of unparalleled usefulness; I will methodically take you through the multitudinous tips and tricks I deployed throughout my biology journey to obtain a raw 50. From memorisation hacks, to the best way to tackle short answer questions, these lectures will complement the content you learn in class, allowing you to become proficient in the subject than your peers.

At the end of the day, anybody can read a biology textbook and remember some basic info. However, it takes skill to be able to apply this information in the context of exams. With this suite of 30 lectures, you will be imbued with the skills required for biology greatness!!

30 Lectures of Pure Gold

Our topics are carefully curated to maximise your buildup of skill.

Lecture 1: The Foundations

One of the most crucial parts of biology is condensing the great swathes of knowledge you learn into a palatable form that really “clicks” with your way of learning and memorisation.

Undeniably, biology requires a bit of memorisation, and I will take you through the best and, most importantly, the most efficient methods to memorise key content

Naturally, memorisation is useless without application, so in this component we will look at how to transfer and adapt memorised content to the necessary forms.

Lecture 2: Experimental Design

Bio requires absolute precision with terms and definitions, and I’ll take you through the best ways to collate and apply terminology.

VCAA are increasingly focusing on including graphs and diagrams in their exams, and many schools have these in SACs, so here I will showcase the best ways to tackle such questions.

Further to this, as experimental design has come to dominate exams, a knowledge of trends and basic maths has never been so important, and this is what this section entails.

We’ll put all these skills together with a few practice questions

And 28 other lectures to guide you through the year…

Do you have a plan to dominate VCE Biology?

The most comprehensive Biology lecture service to help you ace the subject. It's so incredibly important to understand the intricacies of memorisation required in the subject.


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  • The unique skills - Biology is a content subject and the way you memorise determines your score. At 50Coach, we employ a novel skills based approach laced with examples to ensure you are best prepared.


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