Sunny or Rainy We will teach you everything we did to get a 50 in Psychology in 2020. Rupert Balfe goes through the skills that schools don't teach to get you to the very top.

"By exam time, everyone who wants a 40+ knows the same stuff..."

50Coach is here to coach you in the skills it takes to beat the pack. Through our 30-video LIVE masterclass sessions across the year. We’re going to place you in a group of like-minded ambitious students hoping to score big. Rupert, your coach, will take you through what it takes to appear a master of VCE Psychology, even if you’re not a natural talent.

Meet Your Coach

Rupert Balfe, 50 in Psychology

Hey, I’m Rupert and I graduated in 2019. Year 12 just like it might have been for you was a stressful time, but a time for so much learning that helped me leap past the competition.

Over the course of Years 11 & 12, I accumulated a vast array of subject-specific and more general knowledge to help me perform well. This ultimately enabled me to achieve three raw 50s and a 99.95! It wasn’t something that I necessarily expected, but after the secrets that I developed through in the two years, I felt a moral duty what I learnt on to others. 

Such results have permitted me to pursue a degree in Jurisprudence (Law) at the University of Oxford in 2020. It’s been a great honour in my life. 

I’d love for you to become part of this journey to success with 50coach. I will be personally engaged with psychology students and sharing my advice more generally with students on the programme. My secrets are vital – not taught within the schools that I’ve been at – and I really believe that they can be of use in your path towards that dream study score and ATAR.

Rupert Balfe, Psychology Coach, 50Coach

30 Lectures of Pure Gold

Our topics are carefully curated to maximise your buildup of skill.

Lecture 1: The Elusive Scientific Method

Guiding you through real-world examples and important hints to look out for!

Looking at interconnected events and how to identify such relationships.

Get ahead with an early introduction to the questions you’ll meet in the end-of-year exam!

Lecture 2:

Exclusive evaluation of common research designs to give you a foundational knowledge.

Issues that might confound your results and how to avoid them!

Let’s find out how to keep this all moral and above board!

And 28 other lectures to guide you through the year…

Do you have a plan to dominate VCE Psychology?

The most comprehensive Psychology lecture service to help you ace the subject. In recent years the subject has become increasingly complex.


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A unique platform with LMS system.

Custom built by our coaches, the 50Coach LMS gives you everything we think you need.

The LMS allows lecturers to distribute resources and answer questions in our software.

We get to know each student individually - edit your skills and preferences so we can help you

  • 1st lecture free - then $600 for the whole year.

    The equivalent of $20 an hour - the cheapest service you'll find anywhere for the mentorship of a raw 50 student.

  • Psychology course
  • Learn from the best - Rupert scored among the highest in the state. Like all our world class lecturers he is at the top of the honour roll for VCE. Having just completed schooling himself his expertise is unparalleled.
  • The unique skills - Psychology is a content subject and the way you write determines your score. At 50Coach, we employ a novel skills based approach laced with examples to ensure you are best prepared.


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Just enter your name, email and number below and We’ll send you the details now.