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1. Prestigious access to the best tutors in Victoria.

We don’t just hire any tutors. Our tutors are equipped with a raw 50 that places them in the highest band (top 0.3%) of the state – the best of the best. Many have 99.95’s, and most have gone on to study at top medical schools across Australia.

Yet our tutors are renowned not only for their academics but their actual teaching ability – part of a selection criteria 50Coach takes very carefully.

Each of our tutors cares deeply for their students and has demonstrated leadership capacity which means that they have shown they can pass on knowledge to their students. This is done through a rigorous “trial class” procedure wherein we test the ability of tutors to teach in front of students before allowing them to become a part of the 50Coach team.

50Coach hand selects students who have graduated super recently (think 2020), since they have just completed the VCE and can not only have the knowledge fresh in their mind, but completely empathise with the unique student struggles that plague your final year of schooling.

It’s pretty clear that the tutors at 50Coach are some of the nicest and most informative people you’ll ever meet. Take it from our students who had this to say

“The English course is teaching me things that my school never covered. I finally feel like I’m understanding how to do well in this subject”

2. Affordability that puts other tutors out of business.

Education has become a market that hawk-eyed tutors have been able to exploit for years now. It’s done by preying on the students desire to do well at whatever cost coupled with the parent’s natural desire to see their child achieve.

As such, the VCE tutoring market has become a fragmented selection of $60+ an hour tuition services that only increase in price if you wish to get decent tutors.

Enter 50Coach – with access to a raw 50 tutor for just $20 an hour.

The exclamations across the VCE space about our pricing have been ever-present – and for good reason! This pricing means that anyone can get tutoring from the best without spending a fortune.

We’ve just been through Year 12. We don’t want you to be exploited like we were, simply because you want to do your best.

3. A no risk trial awaits.

We know everyone learns differently but we have such confidence in how 50Coach works that we offer a completely free trial with your first class to ensure that you’ll fit in and be happy with our service. Simply fill out the application form, attend a class and if you don’t enjoy it… You don’t pay a CENT.

All part of our commitment to ensuring we are helping families rather than hurting their hip pocket during Year 12.

So what are you waiting for? Try 50Coach now!

Go forth and conquer your VCE!

50Coach is here with you every step of the way with raw 50 tuition for just $20 an hour